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Cost of living support

Find the support you need to help with the rising cost of living, including budget planning tools, free advice and links to government benefits.

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What is the cost of living?

The phrase “cost of living” is one you’ve probably heard a lot recently. If you’re not sure what it means, it’s essentially the amount of money you need to pay for everyday necessities. This includes things like energy, groceries and housing.

The rising cost of living

Recently, the cost of living has been increasing much faster than normal. These rising costs are affecting many people, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find help if you need it.

We’re here to support you

If you’re worried about money right now, you’re not alone. Whatever your circumstances, we’re here to help.

Worried about missing a payment?

We’ve got several options designed to help you before you fall behind.

Avoid missing a payment

Want to set up a payment plan?

If you’re already behind on payments, you can set one up in the app.

How to set up a plan

Feel like talking things through?

We’re here to lend an ear and help however we can. Just give us a call.

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Government help for households

The government is offering funding to help households combat the rising cost of living.

See what you could be eligible for.

Household costs

Funding to help you afford household bills and essentials.

Energy bills

Get additional financial support for your gas and electric bills.

Childcare costs

Find out what benefits and support you could be entitled to.

Income support

Get extra support if you’re on a low income.

Transport costs

Ways to save on public transport and fuel costs.

Energy saving tips

Ideas to help you cut costs and save money.

Calculate your budget

With Money Helper’s handy tool, you can create a monthly budgeting plan that gives you a clear view of your income and outgoings.

More tools and resources

Need non-financial support?

These organisations can help

Get a better understanding of your finances with these useful debt tools from StepChange.orgopens in a new tab: